It's all about
the music

One of the main reasons why Fibre has had so much success over the last 20 years comes down to the music, and our resident DJs are what make the Fibre sound so unique. From busy weekends at the bar, to the legendary Courtyard Parties, Fibre and its DJs know how to make any space come alive.

Habbo Foxx

A highly skilled, versatile DJ and producer, HABBO FOXX has
accomplished much in a relatively short time.

Coming from a world class pedigree of talented musicians; it is safe
to say dance music runs through his blood. The son of the legendary
PAV on Percussion, HABBO is fast becoming one of the north’s most
reputable, reliable and up-and-coming DJs.

Angel Lee

Angel Lee is a DJ/ producer & composer from Leeds, UK. Having been involved in the Leeds nightlife scene for 20 years she has secured her spot as an established DJ.

Tom Frost

Growing up was pretty normal for Tom but it was at age 11 upon finding a Charizard shiny in a packet of Pokemon cards Tom knew he was destined for great things. Skipping to 17 cutting out exams, college and all the boring stuff to solely focus on the music, Tom had grown up listening to a combination of heavy rock and electronica from Poppa Frost and soul and contemporary RNB from Momma Frost. It created a sort of weird eclectic enjoyment for a variety of music which some might say influence his sets now. 

Conner Jay

Conner Jay is a DJ/Producer from Leeds. Obsessing over House music in his early teenage years, he knew that making people dance was something he wanted to do.


Fibre’s famous Duo – 2orNowt (Lewy & Cam) are DJs & Producers from Leeds. In a short space of time they have risen to be very reputable DJs bringing passion and energy to every set. The boys can okay many different styles, whether it be Classic, Piano, or House. During their sets the boys bounce off each other which in turn adds high energy to the dance-floor.

Elliot Bradley

Elliot Bradley is a DJ/Producer from Leeds. He ensures the dance floor is enjoying every minute of his energetic sets playing funky, feel good, classic house. Elliot’s music production started about a year ago. Producing a more underground, tech house style of music, he already has a number of tracks under his belt in his portfolio ready for release.

Max Hannam

Upon turning 18 Max quickly fell in love with music while attending various nightclubs in and around Leeds. Since then he has educated himself on a wide range of music and is capable of bringing a multi genre / open format style type of set to the clubs. He has played at a number of nightclubs in and around Yorkshire and has made an established name in the Leeds music scene. He loves seeing people have a great time on the dance floor and thrives off the energy!

James Horne

James Horne is a DJ/Producer home grown from Leeds.
Over the past 7 years James has had a very successful career and established himself in the nightlife industry. With a love for house music James has held down multiple residencies and performed at many festivals across leeds and the rest of the UK.